KUF: The Crusaders and KUF: Heroes were both well received and offered a great blend of action and real-time strategy gameplay, but Blueside Studios has decided that the franchise's debut on the Xbox 360 won't be following the same set of rules. Circle of Doom is to be an action RPG, which will see players exploring randomly generated dungeons, learning new abilities, customizing weapons and fighting off the enemy which are said to come at you in numbers in excess of a thousand.

Over Xbox Live up to four players will be able to form a party as you make your way through the game, where it will be important that you form a group of characters with complementary skills. You may wish to take your single-player character online or if you feel it's needed, create a new player to compliment the party.

Those feeling a little disappointed by the game's new direction will be pleased to hear that Circle of Doom isn't a direct successor to the series, but a link between previous titles and the as yet unannounced true sequel.