NinjaBee has revealed that it is working on A World of Keflings, the follow-up to Xbox LIVE Arcade game A Kingdom for Keflings.

The first game saw players helping the Keflings build up a small town into a nation. It was also one of the first titles to support in-game Avatars - a feature which will be carried forward to the sequel.

"A World of Keflings is much more than a sequel," said Steve Taylor, President of NinjaBee. "It's a new game with a ton of new features, including some innovative ideas that stand out from both Live Arcade and full retail games. A World of Keflings also has a new story focus, with new exotic lands, characters, quests, buildings, customization options, and a lot more."

Brent Fox, NinjaBee's Art Director added: "A World of Keflings captures all the charm and casual-style of play of the first game, but adds more depth, humour and a ton of features players have requested."

One of these new features is local multiplayer, allowing cooperative play on a single system.

The game's scheduled for release later this year.