King Of Seas, a new pirate RPG from developer 3DClouds, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch (via Nintendo Life).

The game will set in the Golden Age of Piracy, also known as around 2011 when Disney thought $410 million was an absolutely normal amount of money to spend on the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I 

In all seriousness, the game seems like it will focus on a similar setting like the ones we’ve seen in other popular pirate games such as Sea of Thieves and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. But with Rare’s yo-ho-ho-and-a-bottle-of-rum simulator yet to set a course for the Switch, King Of Seas could present an option for portable piracy. 

“We are thrilled that after a year of hard work, we are finally ready to unveil King of Seas, our most ambitious project to date,” shared 3DClouds founder and CEO Francesco Bruschi in a press release. “We have poured all our creative talent into creating this stunning pirate world and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks."

All we know so far is that the game will be an action-RPG, with players thrust into tumultuous scraps on land and at sea in the search for lost islands, hidden treasures and probably a golden chalice or something similarly shiny. It will all take place in a world at the whims of player actions, and the cruel mistress that is procedural generation.

This will mean shifting routes alongside dynamic weather that could make the UK look calm, which will force you to adapt or be sent straight to Davy Jones’ more-modestly-priced-yet-still-somehow $300 million CGI locker. There’s all of the above and a story to boot, with the player seeking to avenge the death of their father, as per.

There is currently no exact release date for the game, but current plans are a release this autumn for the Nintendo Switch and other major platforms. We’ll keep an ear to the wind for any more info. Watch the trailer below.


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