What appears to be the first image of Kinect 2 has been leaked online by Durango devkit source DaE.

The image, which the source referred to as "Durango Kinect", was posted on Twitter last night.

The shot appears to show Kinect 2 in operation, and reveals numerous improvements over the existing Xbox 360 version.

Depth perception seems to have been improved, and the device now appears to be able to track individual fingers.

The original Kinect had been criticised for its inability to accurately detect depth and finer movements.

DaE previously attempted to sell a Durango devkit on a developer forum, posting an image of what he claimed to be the console. Development sources working on next-generation titles later deemed the images accurate.

Durango is said to be the codename of Microsoft's next-generation Xbox.

Microsoft has yet to announce its plans for a next-generation Xbox, despite the console being referred to in multiple job descriptions.

The next-gen Xbox is expected to launch within the next 18 months.