Killzone: Shadow Fall's first major multiplayer DLC will arrive on PlayStation Store tomorrow, April 2, for £7.99, Guerrilla has announced.

As previously detailed, The Insurgent DLC packs in three new weapons: the M82, StA-14, and LS12 SMG Pistol, along with two new game modes: Multiplayer Collectibles Mode, which sees players searching for crates to earn points, and Campaign Elite Mode, which tasks players with completing the single-player campaign with just three lives.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the addition of The Insurgent, a new character class who is able to steal weapons and abilities from downed enemies, and hack enemy turrets to turn them against their own.

The existing classes each receive a new ability, too, including the E-Pulse Emitter for the Assault, Tactical Echo Emitter for the Support and Guard Drone for the Scout, while new Trophies, Challenges and a new Personalisation Pack have been thrown in as well.

The DLC will be available for free to Season Pass holders.