The complete list of trophies for PlayStation 4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall has appeared online ahead of its US launch next Friday, November 15.

Take a look below for the full list, but if you want to keep level names secret until launch be aware of spoilers.

Will this be your first PS4 Platinum?


Hero - Obtain all Killzone Shadow Fall trophies


The Savior - Complete level 'The Savior' and prevent the escalation of a new war

Elite Shadow Marshal - Complete all missions on Hard difficulty

Multiplayer Elite - Complete 400 challenges

Million Points - Get a total of 1,000,000 points in multiplayer

Jack Of All Trades - Max out all upgradable abilities

Weapons Specialist - Unlock all attachments for all weapons


The Dead - Complete level 'The Dead'

The Destroyer - Complete level 'The Destroyer'

Outgunned - In singleplayer, kill 6 Helghast with headshots within a single adrenaline rush

Shadows Cannot Be Killed - Complete the campaign on any difficulty without dying

The Knowledge - Find all collectibles in the campaign

Dominator - Win a match on every multiplayer map

On Your Way - Complete 200 challenges

Decorated - Earn a total of 500 accolades


The Father - Complete level 'The Father'

The Shadow - Complete level 'The Shadow'

Deniable - In 'The Shadow', operate without raising an alarm or disabling the security mainframe

The Doctor - Complete level 'The Doctor'

The Patriot - Complete level 'The Patriot'

The Helghast - Complete level 'The Helghast'

The Agent - Complete level 'The Agent'

The Handler - Complete level 'The Handler'

New Shadow - In 'The Savior', complete the mission without being spotted

Violence is the answer? - In 'The Savior', kill 20 soldiers and still complete the mission

Outsmarted - In singleplayer, get a quadruple kill with a single Frag Grenade

Outmaneuvered - In singleplayer, kill 5 Helghast with gunfire while ziplining

Conscientious Killer - Complete the campaign on any difficulty without shooting any civilians

Gatherer - Find 50% of the collectibles in the campaign

Tourist - Complete a match on every multiplayer map

Scout - Max out any upgradable Scout ability

Support - Max out any upgradable Support ability

Assault - Max out any upgradable Assault ability