Killzone: Shadow Fall's single-player campaign will take over 10 hours to complete, game director Steven ter Heide has confirmed.

In a new Q&A over on the PlayStation Blog, ter Heide wrote: "Killzone Shadow Fall's campaign should last well over 10 hours for most gamers."

That's not to say some players won't blast through the campaign in under 10 hours, but that's still a respectable amount of time for a FPS campaign.

And don't worry if you're new to the Killzone franchise as Shadow Fall is a great place to begin, says ter Heide.

"In many ways, Killzone Shadow Fall is a fresh start for the franchise - the game takes place some thirty years after the original Killzone trilogy, so most of the characters and story arcs from those games have passed into history. And while die-hard fans will appreciate the nods to earlier Killzone titles, no knowledge of the Killzone universe is required to get into the story."

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be released alongside the PS4 on November 29.

Source: PlayStation Blog