Guerrilla Games' Killzone, the first entry in the now established FPS franchise, is coming to PlayStation Network, Sony has confirmed.

The PS2 game - touted as the system's Halo killer back in the day (it wasn't) - will hit the US store on January 24 priced $9.99.

Sadly this is the PS2 game ported straight across to PS3, with no added bells or whistles such as high definition visuals.

A European release hasn't been confirmed.

Whilst Killzone 2 and 3 can be held up as solid examples of the FPS genre, complete with stunning visuals, the first game was rather uninspiring and played today is likely to cause more frustration than enjoyment.

Had the game been given a bit of a makeover, complete with smoother high definition visuals, it might have been worth a second visit, but as it stands there are much better ways to spend $10.

Via Game Informer