The Ship is a new murder mystery game from Outerlight and will be available to download from Steam from July 11. In the game players board a series of luxury cruise ships and begin a devilish game where you must kill or be killed.

Each passenger of the ship is given the name of one other contestant, and you must hunt down this person and kill then with whatever weapon comes to hand. Watch out though, as there'll be someone watching your every move ready to take you out.

Some of the unusual ways of making the kill include bludgeoning with a mannequin arm, stabbing with a letter opener, poisoning, and even setting traps like dropping a chandelier on their head.

Game modes include Hunt, Elimination, Duel and Deathmatch, with support for up to 32 players on the larger maps. We'll have a review of The Ship a little closer to its July 11 release.