Tripwire Interactive has announced that the first seasonal event for Killing Floor 2, the Summer Sideshow, is now on PS4. After a successful debut on the PC, the psycho-circus themed Summer Sideshow will run until August 8. During this event players can earn new cosmetic items, tackle new enemies, play on a new map and take part in new weekly game modes. And it's free!

The Summer Sideshow brings some new content to the game, including a new circus-themed map called The Tragic Kingdom, complete with circus freaks that make clowns look like cuddly toys in comparison. In this map there’ll be some specific objectives, which, when fully completed, will unlock the exclusive Sideshow Hazmat Suit. 

There are also some new weapons. the HZ12 shotgun is for the support class only, and the Centrefire Lever Action is for the sharpshooter and gunslinger classes. Banging eh? All together there are over 50 different cosmetics to collect that you can get by earning tickets during gameplay, but, this being DLC, there are some to purchase with actual money too. 

During the Summer Sideshow event, there’ll be a new game mode every week for players to mess about in. Beginning with Poundemonium (live now), and followed by Up, Up and Decay (July 18), there’ll definitely be something to sate all fans of the game.

To kick off this little event, Tripwire has also reduced the price of Killing Floor 2 on PS4 by 50%, bringing it down to $19.99 in the US of A. But in good ol’ Blighty, we received the game a couple of months ago as a PS+ freebie.