Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival, a modern take on the classic Kick Off games, will release next year for PS4 and PS Vita, Dino Dini has announced.

The original Kick Off topped the charts back in 1989, and you can expect the same elements which made it popular then to be present in the new version.

"The important things will not change," says Dini. "The ball is not stuck to your feet; you can shoot the way you want; aiming and swerving the ball will be 100% under your control.

"The game is going to be in 3D, but only because it is actually easier to make games like that these days. I may offer different camera views, but the default views will be the classic top down approach of Kick Off 2 and GOAL!, perhaps with small adjustments."

Dini adds: "The spirit will be that of the old games, but designed with the modern hardware in mind."

Modern analogue controls will be once such design change, replacing the classic eight-direction limitations of the old d-pad.

"The effect is that the feel and the spirit of the original game is retained, but the possibilities for precision and skill are vastly improved," says Dini.

Source: EU PS Blog

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