Bioshock creator Ken Levine has today announced that he's "winding down" Irrational Games, the studio he served for 17 years as co-founder and creative director.

Levine stated that he wanted to make "a different kind of game than we've done before... To make narrative-driven games for the core gamer that are highly replayable. To foster the most direct relationship with our fans possible, we will focus exclusively on content delivered digitally."

His next title will "focus entirely on replayable narrative", and he plans to hand control of Bioshock off to 2K.

Levine also stated that the studio would do its best to secure employment for those staff let go by the move. "Besides financial support, the staff will have access to the studio for a period of time to say their goodbyes and put together their portfolios. Other Take-Two studios will be on hand to discuss opportunities within the company, and we'll be hosting a recruiting day where we'll be giving 3rd party studios and publishers a chance to hold interviews with departing Irrational staff."

His full statement can be read here.