Battlefield 4 players are now able to keep tabs on DICE's progress at fixing the game, thanks to a new 'Top Issues Tracker' on the game's official forums.

The tracker lists the most important bugs currently being worked on at DICE along with their status and the platforms affected.

The bugs include issues linked to crashing, rubber banding, UI and performance, with DICE banding their progress into three categories: Fixed, Fixing, or Investigating. The developer also claims that the list is "not a comprehensive list" and that it is also "working on some smaller fixes as well".

"We always work with trackers for our games internally which enables us to track and fix bugs as quickly as possible," said DICE. "We've never made it external before, but this seems like a great way to keep you constantly updated on how we're progressing."

It added: "We're committed to fixing all issues in this tracker (and more.)"

EA said earlier this month that it had halted development on future DICE projects and Battlefield 4 DLC until all issues associated with the game had been fixed.