Avalanche Studios appears to have abandoned current-gen development by announcing that it is "shipping back" Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 devkits to make room for next-generation machines.

"We're shipping 'em back," tweeted the studio's founder, alongside a picture of rows of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 devkits. "Going next-gen on your asses."

Avalanche Studios is known to be developing an unannounced title for next-generation consoles, codenamed 'Project Mamba'. Many assume it to be Just Cause 3.

Posting on the studio's website last Friday, an Avalanche spokesperson revealed that Mamba "continues to surpass all expectations and is an incredible testament to the talent and experience of our team."

Neither Microsoft or Sony, of course, have yet to reveal their plans for next-generation consoles, even in spite of multiple developers revealing that they're developing titles for the hardware.

Earlier this year, a technical artist at Crytek revealed that he had attended a "Durango developers summit in London," and then later, pictures of an alleged Durango devkit were leaked by an anonymous source.

Durango devkits - thought to be the codename for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox - were rumoured to have been delivered to developers in February.

Source: Twitter, avalanchestudios.se