Mike Harradence by on Aug 30, 2018

Jurassic World Evolution’s next update is a whopper

Jurassic World Evolution is getting a Tyrannosaurus Rex-sized update on September 13, developer Frontier Games has announced.

The latest title update will bring the dino park simulator to version 1.4, and introduces the much-requested Challenge Mode. This is separate to the existing Story Mode, and starts you off on your journey with very little in the way of funds and the option to change the difficulty between easy, medium, hard, and Jurassic before beginning.

Frontier is also throwing in fresh mechanics such as the Hammond Foundation fees, contract cancellation penalties, and personal best completion times. What's more, beating Challenge Mode will unlock additional Achievements and Trophies, plus extra skins.

Elsewhere, Jurassic World Evolution update 1.4 will include additional contract types, new viewing cameras, plus support for Korean and Italian languages.

The game's sandbox is also being buffed, with new options being added that can be fiddled with at any time during the options menu. Examples include lifespan, cash level, difficulty settings, feeder resupply, and power among others.

Jurassic World Evolution was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in June, and sold over one million copies worldwide by mid-July.


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Jurassic World Evolution

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12 June 2018