Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Elite DLC for June is being rolled out globally today for Xbox 360.

Beam the megabytes over the information superhighway into your console's hard drive and you will have new access to Spec Ops mission Arctic Recon and Face-Off levels Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection.

As always, and thanks to a long-standing exclusivity deal with Microsoft, these are currently exclusive to premium subscribers of Call of Duty: Elite on the Xbox 360 - with PlayStation 3 owners having to wait roughly a month until they see the goods. PC owners and non-premium players will have to wait for the likely bundle down the line, and while the title has not been officially confirmed I'm going to hazard a guess that it's called Collection 3.

This trio of Face-Off content will likely be MW3's last, according to a tweet from Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin: "they are the last of the faceoff maps more than likely. All regular MP from here on out."

Few will miss them, I'd wager.

June's DLC splurge makes up numbers 12 to 15 of the 22 planned Modern Warfare 3 content drops, with the last seven nuggets of content being plopped out monthly until September.