The June PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection titles for Europe have been confirmed by Sony.

Starting in June, members will have access to two titles per month for each of the PlayStation platforms.

As reported earlier in the week, Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate is coming for PS4, and will be joined by Trine 2: The Complete Story. Pixeljunk is a Cross-Buy so you also get the PS Vita version.

PS3 gets NBA 2K14 and Lone Survivor which is Cross-Buy with the PS Vita version. PS Vita players get Dragon's Crown and Surge Deluxe, in addition to the Cross-Buy games mentioned.

All games will be available from June 4.

Leaving PS Plus:

30th April: Stick it to the Man

30th April: Payday 2

30th April: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

30th April: Muramasa Rebirth

30th April: Everybody's Golf

Source: EU PlayStation Blog