Fund 4 Games are reportedly close to securing a deal with Take Two that will see the street racing game Juiced on the shelves before 2004 is out.

Developed by Juice Games and originally slated for release under Acclaim, Juiced suffered a huge setback earlier this year when the publishing ex-giant was declared bankrupt and the game was thrown into release limbo. No news was heard for a while and a number of people had already given up hope that it would ever be released, until this news broke. The negotiations for publishing rights have a few legal issues to address with regards to the former publisher's possible fees, but according to Take Two a deal should be finalised in the very near future, leaving a release in 2004 all the more likely.


Though developed by Juice Games and (nearly) published by Acclaim, Juiced was funded by the third party company Fund 4 Games, an organisation that allocates money towards the development of new games. As F4G paid for Juiced's development it is thought that they own all rights to the game, which gave them the opportunity to push the game in the direction of another publisher, thus giving Juiced a second chance - something that not all games get. Let's hope it's worth it.

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