Judge Eyes won’t have any cameos from Yakuza characters

Judge Eyes won’t have any cameos from Yakuza characters
Mike Harradence Updated on by

Yakuza studio boss Toshihiro Nagoshi has revealed that the upcoming Judge Eyes will not feature any characters from Sega's popular gangster-'em-up franchise.

Speaking with IGN, Nagoshi-san revealed that while his studio's new game is based in the same fictional Tokyo district as Yakuza, he wanted it to be an entirely fresh experience separate from Kazuma Kiryu's adventures in Kamurocho.

'Project Judge’s location and assets might be the same, but the gameplay and story here are drastically different,' said Nagoshi. 

'I wanted it to be a new game, so while the game is set in Kamurocho, no characters from Yakuza will appear in the game,' he continued. 'It could draw people out of this new experience, so that’s why I didn’t want to include them.'

Judge Eyes producer Kazuki Hosokawa said this also extends to cameo appearances, saying the team 'didn't feel we could do it in a way that would satisfy the fans.'

Sega announced Judge Eyes earlier this month, confirming the game will arrive in both Japan and the west in 2019.