Jordan Vogt-Roberts has a ‘crazy’ Metroid movie in mind

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has a ‘crazy’ Metroid movie in mind
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Jordan Vogt-Roberts may be busy hammering away on the movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, but he's already musing a hypothetical film based on the Metroid franchise. Apparently, it'll never get made as it's 'too crazy.'

In case you aren't aware, Vogt-Roberts is a massive video game aficionado, and his movie Kong: Skull Island contains more than its fair share of gaming nods. Just as well too, as if you're making a game about Metal Gear, you really need to know your stuff.

As for Metroid, it turns out that Vogt-Roberts spent a lot of time with the SNES game Super Metroid as a kid, so he's obviously a fan.

'I have a pitch for a Metroid movie. They’ll never let me. It’s too crazy. It legitimately would be [Samus] alone. It would be a little bit of her talking to herself. As soon as they introduce other talking characters in those games, to me it loses everything. You put her alone and it’s almost got more to do with the silence of a movie like Drive. Like the quietness and having it be like a real, intense mood piece, but mixed with sci-fi,' he told IGN's Up at Noon.

The Metal Gear Solid movie is currently making some progress at last, with Vogt-Roberts confirming in the same interview that the script is now complete.