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John Wick Hex will check in to the Epic Games Store next month

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John Wick Hex is coming to the Epic Games Store on October 8, as a strategy game adaptation of the iconic John Wick movies.

The game is the result of a partnership between Bithell Games, Good Shepard Entertainment, and Lionsgate Games. The story of Hex takes place before the movies, and so Keanu Reeves’ gruff and gravely efficient Wick has not retired from the assassination profession. Ian McShane and Lance Reddick will reprise their roles as Winston and Charon, and appear to be hunted down by a beardy baddie voiced by Troy Baker.

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John Wick Hex will utilise Wick’s creatively cruel arsenal of weaponry and cool fight moves, that have been lifted straight from the original movies. It is very much a real time strategy game, because a conventional turn-based mechanic didn’t quite work with the instinctive and lethal combat style Wick is known for. Instead, each action has a success rate and a time taken to complete, which coincides with a timeline. This lets Hex achieve the impossibly mesmeric and smooth aesthetic to battle encounters, combined with a stylish art direction that mimics the gorgeous cinematography from the movies.

John Wick Hex will launch for PC on October 8. Watch the trailer below.


John Wick Hex

on PC

Release Date:

31 December 2019