Joe Danger 2: The Movie sold just 6,055 copies during September, a Gamasutra report has claimed.

The figures suggest that Hello Games' sequel sold over 90 per cent fewer copies than the original Joe Danger during its opening month two years ago.

According to the site, 68,455 people bought the original Joe Danger when it launched on PSN in June 2010. The game was later ported to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Gamasutra also claims that total sales of Joe Danger 2 do "not even [match] the amount that the original game made on XBLA in its first week back on December 2011.

"Whether the cartoony style just doesn't resonate with Xbox users compared to PSN users, or that the XBLA exclusive Trials titles, which are million sellers themselves, are all the motor biking action they need, we don't know," the site speculates.

Official sales figures for Joe Danger 2: The Movie have yet to be released.

An enhanced version of the game, featuring an additional 10 hours' worth of content, released on PlayStation Network earlier this week.