As part of its announcement of a Japanese release date - December 17 - for the PlayStation Vita, Sony also announced the pricing of its proprietary PlayStation Vita memory cards.

Sony will release four sizes of memory card alongside the console, coming in at 4, 8, 16, and 32GB variants. Third-parties will likely develop their own cards, but these have not yet been announced.

Sony's pricing is in Yen, with the 4GB coming in at ¥2,200 (£18), the 8GB at ¥3,200 (£26), 16GB at ¥5,500 (£45), and finally the 32GB at ¥9,500 (£78).

Historically, proprietary memory cards - such as the MemoryStick Pro Duo, which the original PSP used - have started out expensive and promptly dropped in price after launch.

UK prices have yet to be announced.