Square Enix has teased fans over the possibility of including the original Japanese dialogue in the PS3 version of inbound JRPG The Last Remnant.

The Xbox 360 version of the game, described by Square Enix president as "the cornerstone" of its worldwide strategy, is due out on Thursday, with PS3 and PC versions planned but without a release date.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com during an interview with the development team in Tokyo, dialogue editor Yuji Isogawa said "we'll see" in response to a question about the possibility of including the original Japanese voice over work in the PS3 version.

A 360 game is stored on a standard 8.5GB dual layer DVD. PS3 games, however, are stored on Blu-ray discs, which can store up to 50GB.

Isogawa-san said that the development team weren't able to include the original Japanese voice over on the 360 version because of space restrictions, but said "it would be cool" if Square Enix was able to include it in the PS3 version.

He said: "Because this is the 360 version and it's just a DVD we didn't end up with enough room on the DVD to have two languages worth of voice. There's a lot of voice in this game. It would be cool if we can do that for a Blu-ray release. We'll see!"

One of the chief 'wants' of fans of Japanese role-playing games is to have the option of switching from English voice over to the original Japanese with English subtitles to provide a more authentic experience.

Due to the amount of memory required to fit multiple languages onto a single game disc, this hasn't been possible in the past. However, with the extra capacity provided by the Blu-ray disc, this is now theoretically possible.

Look for our exclusive interview with the sound team behind The Last Remnant tomorrow.

The Last Remnant is due out for Xbox 360 on Thursday November 20 2008.