Fans of Sony Computer Entertainment's God of War series now have something else to look forward to. Not only is Sony working on the game's PS3 debut, but Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand) has confirmed he's working on a God of War movie.

The movie's confirmation almost came as a side-thought for Ratner, who reeled off a list of movies he's currently working on when speaking to UGO Movie Blog.

While many gamers aren't overly thrilled by the news, God of War director David Jaffe has come out in support of the choice of director.

In a video blog Jaffe said that while he believes X-Men and X-Men 2 to be the better films, he had a better time watching X-Men 3 because it felt more like a comic book. He also noted that he believes Ratner "makes really entertaining movies" and that he doesn't look at the choice of director and think "we're going to have a shit movie".

Jaffe also revealed that David Self (Road to Perdition, 13 Days) has already penned several drafts of the script, but is not currently sure if the movie is 100 per cent going ahead.

"I haven't heard it's a green-lit movie at all... hopefully we're moving ahead with some really cool stuff," Jaffe concluded.

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