Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond has admitted she's still surprised by the success of the multi-million selling stab-happy franchise.

Speaking at Develop: Brighton (via GamesRadar) this week, Raymond, who is now heading up a number of projects at EA Motive Studios, revealed that Ubisoft had always planned to make three Assassin's Creed games from the start, although it was hoped that things would progress beyond the initial trilogy.

'I've gotta be honest, I'm still surprised about how successful Assassin's Creed is and how it took on a life of its own,' said Raymond. 'When we started working on it, we did have a plan to make three games. We wanted to, we were super excited. And we also felt like since we were getting this great opportunity to create a new franchise from scratch, and a brand from scratch, we really wanted to create a sort of franchise meta-infrastructure or story engine if you will, so that the franchise could live on.'

Assassin's Creed did live on, obviously, spawning multiple games (including spin-offs) as well as comics, novels, and of course the Michael Fassbender-starring film adaptation. That was a bit naff though, so probably best to let that one slide. 

Ubisoft will launch Assassin's Creed Odyssey in October for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, which predates the formation of the titular organisation but still very much adheres to the series' core design concepts. 

Odyssey also introduces a few key gameplay wrinkles into the mix, such as the ability to select a male or female protagonist as well as the chance to get your flirt on.

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