Atlus' critically acclaimed high school-drama-monster-slaying sequel Persona 5 has drummed up 2.2 million copies shipped worldwide, Sega's latest financial results have confirmed.

Persona 5 originally hit Japanese stores back in 2016 following a series of delays, and eventually turned up in the US and Europe last April. The JRPG got off to a great start, having flogged 1.5 million copies just as it hit western shores and moving two million by November last year.

While the game was released on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in its native Japan, Atlus only brought the PS4 edition to the US and UK. 

Regardless, this latest milestone for the game has it standing proud as the best-selling entry in the much-loved series to date.

Considering Persona is typically a niche video game series, 2.2 million shipments is nothing to turn your nose at. Congrats, chaps. 

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