An image alleged to be of the PlayStation 4 controller has leaked online.

The controller, posted by Destructoid last night, appears to resemble the PlayStation 3's current DualShock 3, but with major modifications made to its design and functionality, including modified analogue sticks, wider grips and what appears to be a touchpad in the centre.

An illuminated section on the top of the pad also resembles the PlayStation Move's orb, suggesting Sony's motion-sensing tech may have been integrated directly into the controller.

Furthermore, the silver piece of hardware behind the controller is rumoured to be a PlayStation 4 devkit.

If the controller is real, though, don't expect the final product to look exactly like it does in the image.

Destructoid claims that "multiple sources" have confirmed the photo is genuine, but that the controller featured in the image is an "early prototype".

Previous rumours have suggested that Sony's next-gen controller will feature a touchpad similar to the one included in the Vita.

Sony is expected to announce PlayStation 4 next Wednesday, February 20.

Source: Destructoid