Is Obsidian working on a 2D RPG?

Is Obsidian working on a 2D RPG?
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Obsidian, a developer most famous for its work on Fallout: New Vegas, has issued a job vacancy suggesting it’s looking for someone to work on a new 2D RPG.

Craftily spotted by an eagle-eyed member of NeoGAF, a job posting states the developer is “looking for a 2D character animator to work on a highly stylized, high profile role playing game.”

The job specification asks for applicants that have “previously shipped titles on the PS3 or Xbox 360” and have “previous experience on mobile or browser based Flash applications or games.”

There’s no other suggestion as to what the company has planned. Is it an exclusive 2D RPG, or is Obsidian looking to incorporate 2D characters into a 3D game – an additional mini-game, perhaps?

Last month Obsidian said it was difficult to make large games bug-free, so maybe the studio is looking to work on a slightly smaller project this time around?

Obsidian Entertainment has recently dunked its fingers in many video game pies. Last year saw the studio at the helm of Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas, and next month sees the release Dungeon Siege III for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on June 17. Emily went hands-on with Dungeon Siege III in March.

“Despite the numerous bugs, New Vegas is a magnificent RPG” wrote Neon in his Fallout: New Vegas Review, mere seconds before majestically slapping a whopping 9/10 verdict on the title.