iPhone 5 will launch in the UK on September 21, according to reports, which happens to be the same day that PES 2013, Borderlands 2 and F1 2012 hit stores.

Geeky Gadgets has been told by several sources, including one from a "major UK mobile carrier" that the launch will take place on Friday, September 21. This has been supported by MacRumors which has dug up information that FedEx is expecting a "surge volume event" from September 21-24.

Official details and release info are expected to be announced on Wednesday evening at Apple's press briefing.

This could be bad news for new game releases, with many consumers likely to be far too interested in the new iPhone to do literally anything else. Let's not also forget that many will buy out their existing contract in order to get their hands on the new handset, likely to leave their pockets feeling substantially emptier than before.

The week sees PES 2013, F1 2012 and Borderlands 2 competing for gamer attention. The F1 crowd should ensure Codemasters' latest has no issues, Borderlands 2 is the first FPS of note to hit stores in quite some time, but PES has the shadow of FIFA 13 to contend with.