IO Interactive and Warner Bros are collaborating on a big game in a ‘new universe’

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IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced that they are partnering to deliver a new game.

After IO Interactive and Square Enix split up, Warner Bros came along to sweep the Danish developer off its feet, and what is a more romantic way to formalise a business partnership than to publish a definitive edition of 2016’s Hitman? Why, it’s to develop and publish Hitman 2, of course! I’m overly caffeinated. What I’m trying to say is that IO Interactive and Warner Bros have worked together before. The latter published the definitive edition of Hitman and Hitman 2 on behalf of IO Interactive. But that wasn’t half as interesting to read though, right?

This new project will not be Hitman 3, that we can be sure of. In the press release, Warner Bros. president David Haddad said he was confident that the ‘new universe’ was in good hands. ‘IO Interactive has a longstanding legacy of creating iconic games, and we’re looking forward to partnering on this next endeavor to bring a new console and PC gaming experience to players globally,’ he said.

‘Over the past few years, Warner Bros. has shown us first-hand that they understand and respect our creative vision, and we’re looking forward to continuing this relationship,’ said Hakan Abrak, the CEO of IO Interactive. ‘IO Interactive has a proud history of creating compelling characters and universes for our players to enjoy — it’s in our DNA.’ Abrak added that the developer is seeking ‘ambitious talent’ for its Copenhagen and Malmö studios working on the new project. 

To employ both Denmark and Sweden divisions of IO implies that this game is going to be big. It is left unsaid whether the game would be coming to today’s generation of consoles or the next, which would be Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5. Doubtlessly we will hear more about the project in the coming months, so watch this space.

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