Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that Barcelona-based game development studio Novarama Technology had signed a deal which will see the company developing games exclusively for SCEE and Sony platforms.

Founded in 2003, Novarama is the developer behind the Invizimals franchise on PSP and is currently working on PS Vita launch title Reality Fighters.

Under the terms of the deal, Reality Fighters will remain exclusive to the PS Vita and will be published by SCEE.

Novarama will also begin the development of new titles for Sony platforms.

"This strategic alliance with one of Europe's brightest developers, a developer with unrivalled experience of augmented reality games shows our determination to work with creative and innovative developers," explained Michael Denny, senior vice president, SCE Worldwide Studios Europe. "I am very excited about what Novarama have planned and look forward to being able to share it with everybody."

Novarama's CEO Dani Sánchez-Crespo added: "By extending our partnership, we will continue making kids believe in invisible creatures and turning gamers into video game characters. Broadly speaking, we want to make the impossible possible."

Given the new exclusivity deal it wouldn't be a great shock to see Invizimals given another chance on PS Vita. The augmented reality title had an element of Pokemon about it, but didn't quite match up to the "catch-em all" classic.