Sony and The Auteurs have announced a partnership to bring international cinema to the PS3 via the Mubi streaming video service.

"Lets get this straight, we are not just an online cinema and we are not just some tech and film geeks in California - well, some of us are, yes - but we are 300,000 friends talking, discovering, and sharing films with one another every day," explained Efe Cakarel, founder & CEO, The Auteurs. "In fact, every 2 minutes there's someone joining us. Yes. 2 minutes. Sorry to get a bit geeky (we warned you!), but that's 700 people joining each day. Not bad... but joining what?"

"The truth is, we can't even start explaining. But let's try this: At the moment, some of us are at the Cannes Film Festival announcing a major collaboration with SCEE for PS3. So, soon, you will find a new application on your console, which will let you stream the best of international cinema from the comforts of your couch. This is not a simple virtual videostore; we emphasize quality over quantity. You'll find undistributed festival gems ripe for your discovery, your favourite recent independent and art-house releases. Names like the Coen brothers, Godard, Kitano, Almodóvar, Tarantino, and Van Sant are some we'll bring home to you. Palm d'Or winners and simply films we think should have won awards. But that's not all. We'll bring you exclusive online premieres, collaborations with international film festivals, and retrospectives of some of the best cinema the world has ever seen."

You can get an idea of what to expect by visiting the browser-based version here. The service's FAQ reveals high definition video quality and a range of payment options from subscriptions to one time payments - film prices start at free and cost up to £3.

Mubi will be a free download for PS3 this autumn and promises over 300 titles at launch.

You'll find more on the official PlayStation Blog.