Insomniac creative director Marcus Smith recently revealed that another studio could handle development of Resistance 4, but not everyone at the now-multiplatform studio is necessarily ready to say goodbye to the series yet.

Talking to this morning about the prospect of another studio handling Resistance 4, Insomniac writer Jon Paquette said "I think I'd like us developing it".

Paquette added that "there are a lot of great developers out there. There are a lot of great shooter developers, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to get their hands on Resistance because it's such a fun universe to create."

"I think Resistance is a fun place to play, with all the weapons, all the Chimera - it's a really great universe for games, because there are so many options."

The final decision will ultimately rest with Sony, according to Paquette, but if another studio does get involved he'd like to see Insomniac help with the transition. "Sony owns the IP, so it's really up to Sony what they want to do with it. I would like to have a lot of meetings with whomever... if it does go to a different studio, I'd like to talk to those people because when I started on Resistance 3 as a writer, there's a lot of story that isn't in the games - backstory that explains everything about the universe and the chimera and so on."

"I tried to bring some of that out in Resistance 3, but there's so much you can't bring it all out. I'd want to make sure to talk to whomever and kind of set that straight and be consistent about the franchise."

Insomniac has developed the three Resistance games on the PS3, starting with 2007's 8/10 Resistance: Fall of Man and then 2009's Resistance 2. The studio is also responsible for the Ratchet & Clank series and the recently announced multiplatform shooter OverStrike.

"If you own a PS3 then there's no doubt that you should pick up Resistance 2," said Tom in his 8/10 Resistance 2 review.

Resistance 3 will be released for PS3 on September 9.