Playlogic Entertainment today announced that cult PC action shooter, Infernal, is coming to Xbox 360 this spring.

The player will take on the role of Ryan Lennox - a fallen angel who is recruited by the devil to restore the balance between good and evil. Armed with military grade weaponry and special abilities players will have to venture into a supernatural world of deception and betrayal.

"Infernal was always designed with a console release in mind and it's great that we're finally able to release exclusively on Xbox 360. The vast array of weaponry and supernatural powers makes Lennox an enviable foe," said Adam McGowan, Marketing Director at Playlogic.

The PC version was reviewed over two years ago and received a not so great 5/10, although it was praised for its impressive visuals. You'll find more on that right here.

Infernal will be released exclusively to console on Xbox 360 in Q2 2009.