A major patch due to release for InFamous: Second Son in the coming weeks will soon let players alter the time of day, cap the frame rate at 30fps and turn off the HUD, Sucker Punch has revealed.

The developer hopes that the improvements will help players take better screenshots, allowing them to set the time of day once they've finished the game and remove the on-screen elements that had previously gotten in the way of that perfect picture.

The option to cap the frame rate will also ensure the game doesn't exceed 30fps - an occurrence that some players apparently found "distressing".

Sucker Punch estimates that the earliest the patch will be ready is "in about two weeks from now".

"Additionally, our coders and QA team are of course working to try and identify and resolve key bugs, and we'll look at incorporating important fixes in the patch too," said the developer. "And who knows, if we're inspired enough we may sneak a few other little things in too. Time will tell!"

Source: blog.eu.playstation.com