Classic adventurer Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is officially being released in digital form, nearly 20 years after the LucasArts title launched for PC.

You have GOG to thank for the digital version of the whip-wielding hero's much-loved 1999 hit, which also came to Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color the following year. The game is set nine years after the events of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and sees Indy battling the Soviets alongside the CIA to track down a Babylonian power source.

Much like the Tomb Raider games, the Infernal Machine combines elements of combat, puzzle solving, and platforming, with Indy's iconic whip being one of the central mechanics used in the game. It also throws in some vehicle sections, and even has a bonus stage set in the temple from Raiders of the lost Ark.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is available to snap up now for £4.69 from GOG. It's obviously aged a lot, but remains one of the better games based on the character, so give it a shot.

On that note, isn't it about time we saw another full-fledged Indiana Jones video game? 

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