Mighty No.9 creator Keiji Inafune has launched an additional crowd-funding campaign for the action platformer which already secured almost $3.8 million dollars from fans back in October 2013.

Inafune's reasoning is that the new money will be used to create bonus content, such as a full English voice track if $100,000 is reached.

An FAQ published by developer Comcept cleared up that the development of the core game is secured through the money raised last year, and does in no way rely on new funding.

"The video game we proposed in the Kickstarter campaign last year is going to be completed with all of the funding we received from backers," reads the FAQ. "For this new funding campaign we are looking to add new content to the game that we did not or could not add to the stretch goals during the original funding campaign!"

It has also been confirmed that the newly announced anime series based on Mighty No.9 is funded independently from all the game's crowd-funding.

Mighty No. 9 is due out April 2015

Source: mightno9.com

VideoGamer's Jim Trinca has offered to do the voice acting for them at a bargain price: