The day many Xbox LIVE Arcade users have been waiting for has nearly arrived. Treasure's highly praised shmup Ikaruga will arrive on Xbox LIVE Arcade tomorrow, priced 800 Microsoft Points. The fast-paced scrolling shooter will also feature two-player support, both locally and online over Xbox LIVE.

In Ikaruga players must switch their ship's polarity (your ship can turn black or white) in order to avoid incoming enemy fire and to maximise fire power. Newcomers and hardcore gamers alike will appreciate the game's slow motion training mode, which lets you hone your skills in preparation for high-score runs to challenge the best players on the worldwide leaderboards. You'll even be able to record your best moments and watch them over and over again.

Also released tomorrow are two new content packs for Poker Smash. Two new Action Mode environments are included in the Environment Pack, while 15 new Puzzles are included in the Puzzle Pack. Each pack will set you back 100 Microsoft Points.