Nothing has been cut from upcoming multi-platform shooter RAGE in order to fit the game onto two Xbox 360 discs, developer id Software has insisted.

At a recent Bethesda Gamers Day event in Paris, lead designer Tim Willits revealed that the Xbox 360 version of RAGE will be released on two discs.

The PS3 version will be released on one Blu-ray disc.

"Really, there has never been a time when we said we have to remove that map that we already made because it's not going to fit on the 360," Willits told at the event.

"But we've structured the story in such a way that at the end of chapter one, or the first part or whatever you want to call it, there's a nice logical separation. So even on the PS3 and the PC you're not going to go back to Wellspring. Once you're done with all the stuff in Wellspring you're moving on to Subway Town and the next part of the game."

Willits added that all three versions of the game will look the same when the game is eventually released some time next year.

"Graphically, all three of the platforms look about the same," he said.

"There are some challenges with each of them. The PS3 version right now is more stable. So I was thinking about bringing that one [to demo at the Bethesda Gamers Day event], but we already told everyone that we were showing on 360, so we brought the 360."

Willits did, however, suggest that a few treats may be reserved for high-end PC owners.

"Maybe on the PC, where John Carmack loves to have some little Wingdings that you can turn on, some special effects stuff," he said. "But no, they'll all be the same."

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