NHN USA, a subsidiary of NHN, the largest Korean Internet company, has announced it has secured the rights to publish the massively multiplayer first-person shooter, Huxely, in North America and Western Europe. The game is set to arrive for PC late in 2008 via ijji.com.

"Huxley is one of the most anticipated online games currently in development, and we are very excited to bring the triple-A title to Western audiences," said Whon Namkoong, CEO, NHN USA, Inc. "Huxley provides gamers with a unique and compelling experience that gamers everywhere are sure to enjoy. The revolutionary online shooter is a welcome addition to ijji.com, the site where millions of fans can play it later this year."

Huxley is the first MMO title to combine traditional FPS gameplay with the character development of an MMO. Players will choose between two races, Sapiens or Alternatives, and struggle to obtain a powerful energy source while fighting battles against the Hybrids, a third race born of the two races.

Huxley is also coming to Xbox 360, although development is six months behind that of the PC version.