Guerilla Games is riding quite the positive wave at the moment, and it’s improving Horizon Zero Dawn even as it works on the upcoming expansion The Frozen Wilds. On the Playstation Blog, Guerilla has detailed the new update's features, such as adding some fixes to progression issues, as well as adding a New Game+ option and an Ultra Hard difficulty level.

In the highly anticipated New Game+, you’ll be able to replay Aloy’s adventure without losing character progression and any of your inventory. You won’t be able to pass the current level cap of 50, but XP can still be collected during your playthrough. This mode also comes with two new trophies and extra unlockables, like the ability to change Aloy’s Focus and add facepaint. To help you blend in and stuff.

Before beginning your quest, you can adjust the level to your own liking, with the addition of a new Ultra Hard difficulty. This new level enhances the machines' senses and their behaviour patterns, and will also limit your health regenerative abilities, alongside some other tweaks. Be warned though, if you choose the Ultra Hard difficulty you won’t be able to change to a lower setting after starting the game.

Alongside these two new modes, Guerilla has also updated existing outfits and weapons with an extra modification slot. These are pretty costly additions, however, so get saving.

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