Horizon Forbidden West
Ben Borthwick by on Nov 22, 2021

Horizon Forbidden West studio offers insight into the upcoming sequel’s tribes and settlements

Guerrilla Games has been peeling away more information on the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, this time focusing on the world of the sequel.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the post-apocalyptic lands of the Horizon series are occupied by several tribes, each with their own unique backstory. As Espen Sogn, Lead Living World Designer at Guerrilla puts it; “When members of a tribe are in their settlement, their safe spaces, they can act like themselves. The Oseram are a social and historically patriarchal tribe, so their animations are more about shoulder punches and high fives. The Utaru, on the other hand, are laid back, so they will often sit down together and be a bit more touchy-feely.”

You’ll encounter some of these humans in one of the game’s first settlements, called Chainscrape. We’re told it’s an Oseram outpost settlement on the border of the West. “With so much activity, so many visual cues, Chainscrape was a place where we could demonstrate many new systems and animations that make the world and its people feel much more alive.”

Once more, these settlements will act as hubs where Aloy can upgrade her skills. She’ll also be able to purchase items, weapons and armour from vendors. But crucially, each one will act different between these settlements. So an Oseram Cook will feel like a different person to a Tenakth Cook, for example. The blog also touches on new customisation options you’ll be able to do with Aloy’s armour. The new Workbenches will let you forge and upgrade machine parts.

There’s lots more in the full blogpost, which you can read here. Horizon: Forbidden West is available from February 18, 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.


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Horizon Forbidden West

on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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18 February 2022