Horizon Forbidden West gets its latest 1.06 patch on PS5 and PS4

Horizon Forbidden West gets its latest 1.06 patch on PS5 and PS4
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Guerrilla Games has dropped another patch for recently released action adventure sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

The 1.06 update tackles a few more outstanding issues. They include things like bugs that stopped Varl from swimming in certain story quests, and companions teleporting after tutorials. Anyone suffering story progression blocking bugs in quests like Reach for the Stars, The Broken Sky and Seeds of the Past should find these ones squished too.

Elsewhere, the patch also manages to get rid of an infinite black screen if you’d stashed the default Champion’s Spear. There’s also a fix for some world geometry popping in during the Cauldron Mu sequence that could accidentally trap players. As well as those, there’s some UI and UX adjustments, and plenty of graphics and performance fixes. You can check out the full list of patch notes over on the game’s official Reddit.

Going forward, the team say they’re aware of some ongoing issues they’re continuing to investigate including unexpected shimmering, sharpening and saturation when moving the camera. The team also say they’re looking into reports that the game isn’t correctly acknowledging a 100% progression in some circumstances. While not fixed in this update, the developers promise they’re investigating these bugs with a high priority.

The Horizon Forbidden West 1.06 patch is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. If you’ve not checked it out yet, you can read our review of the game right over here.