The wonderful-looking Alien Hominid, one of our most anticipated games of this year (though we seem to have forgotten its inclusion in the Xbox and PS2 most anticipated articles...) has had a number of special features announced, including some Europe-exclusive offerings. This makes us glad.

Whilst we begrudgingly hold back the urge to use words like 'wacky' or 'zany' when talking about AH for fear of upsetting our readership, we shall placate you the details we have received about the game:

It will contain a number of mini-games, including a PDA based puzzle number that happens to be ridiculously addictive (we know...), and is accompanied by a level editor, along with 25 of the best levels designed by US players. Joining this is a new Euro-exclusive two to four player button basher called "All You Can Eat," featuring the Fat Kid.

The Xbox version will include Live support, which will offer up rankings tables for players and new levels of the PDA game to download. Unfortunately, the PS2 version has received no such treatment as of yet.

Another feature announced is the inclusion of a replay-function. Whilst it is hard to report on this without sounding like a regurgitated press release, it still sounds like an interesting aspect - in an almost Viewtiful Joe way, they player can rewind a level after they finish it and place themselves back in play at any point, meaning different strategies and whatnot can be dabbled with.

All in all, Alien Hominid looks like it could be a real success story for the Behemoth and Zoo Digital - as said, we are most certainly looking forward to this brand of classic, (dare we say it) hardcore shooter action. It looks wonderful, and we'll be bringing you the full review around May 27, when the game is released to the masses.