Hitomi & Leifang have become the latest Dead or Alive girls to be stripped down to bunny bikinis, following similar antics from Kasumi & Ayane earlier this month.

The Dead or Alive girls have been stripped down to their beach knickers to help push pre-orders of Dead or Alive 5.

Anyone who pre-orders the game can choose between two exclusive sets of in-game bunny-style swimsuits: the 'DOA Angels' set of white swimsuits for Kasumi, Leifang, and Hitomi, or the 'DOA Devils' black swimsuits for Christie, Tina, and Ayane.

Bikini outfits appear to have become a bit of a thing for fighters. Namco Bandai recently announced that it would be offering a Big Bikini Bundle to anyone who pre-orders Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Pictures of Kasumi and Ayane in their fluffy undies proved pretty popular when we unveiled them earlier this month. If you've yet to see them, you know what to do.