David Scammell by on Mar 11, 2016

Hitman’s first Elusive Target will appear within the next 10 days

Hitman’s first Elusive Target will appear in the game “at some point in the next 10 days”, IO Interactive has confirmed.

Elusive Targets are one-time-only hits that appear in-game for 48 hours and give players just one chance to kill them. If you mess it up, you won’t be given a second go.

The target will be a new character “with bespoke dialogue and behaviour”, IO says, and players will only receive their briefing once the target has entered their location.

Meanwhile, the first Escalation Contract is available in the game today, with the second scheduled to arrive next Tuesday, March 16. Escalation Contracts are a series of contracts created by the developer that increase in difficulty the more you play them. There’s a couple of achievements/trophies available for completing level 5 of an Escalation Contract in Paris and the ICA Facility.

Other live content set to appear throughout the rest of the year includes new weapons and disguises, although there aren’t any clues yet as to when they’ll arrive.

Hitman’s first episode launches digitally on PS4, Xbox One and PC today, with a further six set to roll out throughout 2016. The disc release, meanwhile, has been delayed to 2017.

Source: Square Enix, IO Interactive


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