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Hitman’s first Elusive Target has been reactivated

When IO Interactive released the GOTY Edition of superb episodic murder-em-up Hitman, the developer also mentioned that Elusive Targets – special time limited contracts only available for a certain period – would be reactivated. That time has now come as the first one is now available for you to knock off from today.

As per the announcement on the Hitman website, The Forger will be hanging around in the Paris level from today for 10 days (a little bit longer than the 48 hours from the original version) and just like before, he won’t show up on the map nor will he be highlighted in red in Instinct mode, making him a slightly trickier prospect to take down than your usual target, but if you manage it you’ll be able to unlock some specific special outfits for 47 that are only available through Elusive Targets. 

There’s a few caveats; firstly if you already managed to successfully murder him the first time, or let him get away or otherwise failed the mission, you still won’t be able to try again now; your record is permanent. But if you completely missed out on the event when it was on the first time or didn’t pick up the game until later you’re now eligible to give this hit a go. 

But be warned. Like the poet Eminem once said: ‘You’ve only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow’ (‘him away’, we’d assume he’d add.)  


The other targets will be re-activated at to-be-confirmed dates in the future. Hitman GOTY Edition is out now on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.


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