Hitman to return to its roots as IO reveals first details on PS4 & Xbox One project

Hitman to return to its roots as IO reveals first details on PS4 & Xbox One project
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IO Interactive has revealed the first details on its next-gen Hitman project, confirming that the series will be heading back to its non-linear, sandbox roots for Agent 47’s next adventure.

Currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the next game will see players taking control of “a globetrotting Agent 47 at the prime of his career – the apex predator stalking his prey across the world, with the support of his long-term handler Diana Burnwood and the whole of the ICA.”

According to IO, “the game concentrates on the core Hitman fantasy of using a wide range of tools to take out a diverse group of targets across expansive, exotic locations around the world.”


It’s also being built on Absolution’s Glacier 2 engine and uses “what we have learnt through Hitman: Absolution,” while “drawing inspiration from past titles like Contracts and Blood Money to fulfil the core Hitman fantasy.”

It’ll be more like the original games than 2012’s Absolution, then, with IO promising to “pack in an extreme level of detail on the largest levels we have ever built for a Hitman game.

“We’ve adopted an open, non-linear level design approach to the game, ensuring the game will play out across huge, checkpoint-free, sandbox levels. Our aim is to create living, breathing and believable levels which will allow gamers to play around with the AI to create those unique moments every fan of the Hitman franchise loves.”

Contracts Mode is set to return, too, where players will be able to create and share their own hits, while 47’s “magic pockets” have been removed as well. “We believe that’s all we need to say about that subject,” says IO.

“As we get further into 2014, we will reveal more and get into much closer contact with all of you,” the developer continues. “There are so many things we have planned and we are extremely excited for the future of Hitman”.

A release date and title for the game have yet to be announced.

Source: hitman.com