Turn-based strategy spin-off Hitman GO is to release on PS4, PS Vita and Steam next Tuesday, February 23, Square Enix has announced. [UPDATE: The publisher now says the game will arrive in Europe on Wednesday, February 24.]

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition features all the content from the original mobile title, including its DLC add-ons, remastered with "updated visuals". The PS4/Vita versions will also support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save meaning you'll be able to play it across both platforms without needing to buy it twice, and continue your progress on either platform.

Console players will also be able to unlock a Platinum trophy for completing everything "without using any hints". An Xbox One version has not been announced.

The game will be priced £6.49 across all three platforms.

The original game debuted on iOS back in April 2014 for £2.99, with additional DLC packs costing 69p each. It was pretty good, too, with Miller calling it his "surprise of the year" in his 7/10 review. "With a smart learning curve - it's still throwing new ideas at you well over 30 levels in - and an absolute barrel-load of content, I could call Hitman GO the surprise of the year," he said. "I'd only be doing that for hyperbole purposes, though. It's still pretty damn good..."

To check out what the Definitive Edition looks like, take a look at the trailer below.

Source: eu.square-enix.com